Maurizio Primanni at the event “An ‘incentive’ (or not) to change financial advise”

Maurizio Primanni, CEO of the Excellence Group, was among the protagonists of the event “An ‘incentive’ (or not) to change financial advice”, organized by SCM (Solutions Capital Management) and held in Milan on 19 April.

When asked about the research conducted by Excellence which had the aim of highlighting the positive and negative sides of the different models of remuneration for consultancy and the different types of investment services, Primanni explained:

“We did this research because we have been working in this sector for 16 years now, me – in particular – for almost 25. We think we know it well. We study it from the point of view of those who follow the evolution of both customer behavior and the strategies of the companies that work there, and we liked to draw a parallel with those markets that have adopted a different model than the one prevailing in Italy and Europe to see what the differences were based on numbers, on facts, on the objective evolution of the market. Clearly, to do this, we consulted public sources, so we based ourselves on the information released by the supervisory authorities of these markets, just to try to be as objective as possible.

What emerged – at that moment there was a somewhat fideistic debate between these two models, between those who leaned more towards one rather than the other, in an a priori, let’s say, way, without an objective analysis – is that in actually the two models both have both strengths and weaknesses. So there is – from our point of view – downstream of our analysis, the absolute ideal solution”.

Listen to Maurizio Primanni’s complete speech directly on the video below