Excellence was established to help the top management of the most important Financial Institutions (Banks, Insurance Companies, Asset Managers), Investment Funds, Italian and international companies, to elaborate and realize winning market strategies.

Our clients are C -level, and we provide them with up-to-date knowledge of the market and winning business models, deep industry experience, and solid execution capability through our multidisciplinary, multi-boutique team of expertise.

Excellence industries

Strategic Consulting

Financial Institutions are the main focus of Excellence Consulting. It is specialized in advising top management in the banking, insurance and asset management sectors.

As for Middle Management, it operates in all sectors: organization, training optimization of processes and functions. Of all business sectors: from finance to employees, from administration to purchasing, from planning to production, from logistics to commercial management.

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  • Business development and customer service
  • Marketing and products
  • Organization and human resources
  • Value creation di valore
  • Change management
  • IT strategy and administration
  • Project management
  • SME Strategic Consulting
  • SME Internationalization
  • M&A Advisory

Digital Transformation

Excellence Innovation specializes in accompanying Banking Institutions, Insurance Companies and Financial Product Factories leading in Italy in Digital Transformation processes, providing a tangible contribution to the bottom line of our clients thanks to new technological solutions.

It develops Software Solutions that combine our specialized skills in Finance, Design, and Software Development, placing the Final User at the Center, from the concept phase to the realization of the finished product.

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  • Research and Digital Benchmark
  • Customer Experience Design & Optimization
  • Digital Product Design & Development
  • Digital Products “As a Service”
  • Territory-based analytical geomarketing services

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Dataskills is a company specializing in the area of Data Analytics.

With advanced technological skills and experience gained over the years in different sectors, the company represents excellence in the design and implementation of innovative solutions in the areas of Business Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and IOT Analytics.

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  • Business Intelligence
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • IOT Analytics

Change Management

Excellence Education was born in 2014 and operates in training and Change Management projects. It offers customers innovative and tangible solutions based on an accurate needs analysis.

It has an internal platform for digital learning with advanced LMS functionalities, an innovative and efficient high-involvement training system. It is an ISO 9001 certified company, Italian partner of TTI Success Insight® and a company qualified for coaching on TTI analysis.

MISSION: At Excellence Education we work to build effective learning strategies with the goal of helping our clients remain competitive in a constantly changing business

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  • House of knowledge
  • Learning platform
  • Digital communication
  • Edugaming
  • Creative learning
  • Experiential training
  • Data Analysis
  • Advanced profiling
  • Innovative business coaching


Red Public is an innovative SME and Benefit Society, born in 2019 with the goal of supporting and enhancing women’s leadership.

Red Public, thanks to its all-female team of consultants, offers strategic support to companies to achieve their sustainability-related goals, both in terms of improving the social dimension of the company and in terms of environmental impact and governance.

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  • Sustainability
  • Women’s Leadership
  • Gender Equality
  • PM & PMO
  • Digital Marketing