Excellence SRL obtains the SA8000 certification

Excellence SRL announces with great pride that it has obtained the SA8000 certification. This important acknowledgment underlines the company’s constant commitment to corporate social responsibility and bears witness to its ongoing commitment to promoting ethical, sustainable and human rights-compliant working conditions.
SA8000 certification is a globally recognized international standard, which certifies the company’s adherence to strict ethical and social criteria in the workplace. To obtain this prestigious certification, Excellence SRL has subjected its processes to a careful review by independent certification bodies, demonstrating full respect for workers’ rights and the adoption of responsible work practices.
The fundamental principles of SA8000 respected by Excellence SRL include:

  1. Ban child labor in all its forms.
  2. Ensure safe and healthy working conditions for all employees.
  3. Respect the freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.
  4. Eliminate all forms of discrimination and coercive practices.
  5. Ensure payment of fair wages and ensure compliance with applicable working time laws.

Obtaining the SA8000 certification reflects the company’s commitment to creating an inclusive, sustainable and human rights-friendly work environment, both within the company and along the entire supply chain.
For more information on SA8000 certification and social responsibility practices, please consult the documentation available on the homepage.