Change Management


We operate in the field of training and in the management of corporate change processes.

Excellence Education was founded in 2014 with the aim of expanding the offer to customers in the context of change management.

Meet our leader

  • Mario Morelli


Excellence Education services

House of knowledge

  • We provide our customers with a training catalogue of standard asynchronous courses that can be adapted to specific needs.
  • We design our training courses with particular attention to both content and form: the result is an updated catalogue in the topics, deepened starting from a solid research of sources, and cured in appearance, with a mix of formats designed to maintain a high level of engagement for the learner.

Why Excellence Education

We take advantage of the collaboration of a scientific committee in the writing of our contents and we can count on a solid internal experience in the implementation of cutting-edge courses as to the delivery methods. We meet our customers’ needs by offering them great flexibility in the design and delivery of our content.

Learning platform

  • We own a training platform with LMS and Smart Classroom functionality, that enables us to provide an innovative and efficient high engagement training system.
  • The Excellence Education platform integrates interactive live sessions and asynchronous multimedia content in a single environment. It has LMS features that allow us to deliver assessments and ongoing tests, manage discussion boards both among participants and with the instructor, monitor activities, create reports with analytical data, and produce certifications.

Why Excellence Education

Through our learning platform we follow the training process at every stage of delivery from materials management to monitoring in an engaging and interactive environment.

Digital communication

  • We create customized cartoon videos in motion graphics with a creative and effective storytelling.
  • Storytelling video represents an efficient solution for the communication of the most varied contents, since it is able to summarize in a few minutes of animated videos, with drawings and infographics, and to explain concepts of different levels of complexity, making them accessible to a very diversified audience.

Why Excellence Education

We gained solid experience in the implementation of digital communication products, being able to experience the effectiveness of the tool in its ability to transfer contents, even complex ones, to any type of audience. We are able to offer customers a customized product in every detail, both starting from precise graphic lines and designing the contents from scratch


  • We carry out gamification projects by applying the dynamics of the game to training purposes in non-playful contexts.
  • Gamification is a methodology that pursues concrete objectives with an impact on real life that go beyond pure entertainment. Applied to the world of training, gamification allows us to create solutions for our customers that identify it in three main directions:
    • As a 360° learning platform
    • As a learning reinforcement tool, to completion of a “traditional” training course
    • As a test of learning

Why Excellence Education

Our multi-year expertise in designing edugaming interventions makes us one of the most advanced players on the Italian market. Our solution has several distinctive features: engaging graphics, specific gaming dynamics, the possibility to give away both virtual and real prizes and the opportunity to integrate the platform experience with real life activities.

Creative learning

  • We support our customers in implementing creative methodologies for planning that guarantee a high level of engagement and guide them in thinking out of the box.
  • The ability to solve problems is crucial for companies in a context like the present one where challenges change every day in size and number. For this reason, we believe in the exclusive value of creativity applied to problem solving. Being able to use a point of view and a creative management, allows to face every critical issue out of any constraint of thought in order to design new ways of resolution.

Why Excellence Education

We believe in creative learning as a valuable approach in every company’s life and we are the first ones to apply it to the challenges that we are called to face every day.

Experiential training

  • We organize immersive training outside the company for our customers.
  • The experiential training enables the participants to experiment, in contexts external to the working one, behaviours and processes that are then applicable in the company. The typical methods of this type of training involve the individual and the team on a physical and emotional level for a faster and more lasting learning than traditional methods.

Why Excellence Education

We experience personally the value of immersive experiences as training and education opportunities. We believe that taking advantage of contexts outside the working one is a powerful accelerator for numerous training moments.

Data analysis

  • We take care of planning and delivering questionnaires for situational analysis and assessment capable of quantitatively measuring the ecosystem in which we operate.
  • Defining the scope and the objective conditions of the interventions in an analytical way is essential for planning actions with a real impact on our customers’ realities. For this reason, we value the data collection and analysis phases that we carry out using cutting-edge statistical tools.

Why Excellence Education

Situational analysis is an integral part of our working method and makes our interventions customized on the customer’s reality. We invest a lot of resources in this area in order to obtain the scientific assumptions that measure and justify the value and impact of our projects.

Advanced profiling

  • We provide a set of tools that make it possible to identify and describe the behavioural and value profile of corporate resources to develop leadership and support change management and talent management.
  • The ability to identify the best talents and keep their motivation high is a central challenge in the corporate world. The tools we offer can evaluate the potential of people, identify the growth areas and critical issues, crucial aspects for a company leadership that is oriented to optimize the value of its human resources.

Why Excellence Education

In the Excellence Education team there are certified consultants capable of accompanying our customers in the path of discovering tools in order to make the most of their potential in their own business contexts.

Innovative business coaching

  • We create one-to-one and team coaching paths for personal development, managed by certified professionals.
  • Business coaching is aimed at all those professionals who wish to improve themselves and enhance their commitment within the corporate environment. These are personal and professional development actions that accompany people along a path of development, growth and evolution.

Why Excellence Education

In the Excellence Education tram we count certified professionals who have many years of coaching experience gained in very various fields. When transferred to the business world, these professionals are able to immediately grasp the strengths to be implemented and critical issues to be addressed.

Valuable partnerships

In the realization of our projects, we collaborate with high value partners. These partnerships allow us to guarantee the utmost professionalism in all our activities.

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Join Excellence Team

Excellence works with the most important companies and those in great expansion, and puts its established skills at the service of major projects with highly strategic connotations.

We know how to get to the solution of every problem through projects studied in detail, in which the person always comes first. Joining Excellence means having the certainty of working for a company that will always invest in you and will never fail to provide you with the support you need to pave your professional path.

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