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Financial Institutions are our main focus. We are specialized in consulting for top management in the banking, insurance and asset management sectors.

Excellence Consulting was founded in 2007 by Maurizio Primanni and Renato Ferri Pacini with the aim of creating a company capable of providing its customers with excellence.

Meet our leaders

  • Maurizio Primanni

    President & Founder
  • Renato Ferri Pacini

    Partner & Co-Founder
  • Alessandro Prampolini

  • Andrea Airoldi

  • Guido Crespi

  • Carlo Liotti

  • Gianluca Zanini

  • Alessandro Francescotto


Excellence Consulting Services

Business development and customer service

In complex fields such as financial institutions, Excellence effectively supports the customer in all phases of the life cycle of the products and services offered to the market.

We help our customers to achieve the maximum competitive advantage in Customer Care and Customer Operations, through the development of multi-channel platforms and the optimization of operational performance. We support the launch of new products and services, the development of prospect acquisition campaigns, the definition of customer loyalty initiatives.

Why Excellence Consulting

In collaboration with important Italian bank insurance players, we have developed high-level skills in the definition of multi-channel customer assistance operating platforms, characterized by a high level of service offered and by close interconnection with the business functions that interact with the Customer Operation.

Marketing and products

Excellence guides its customers to innovation and to a positioning that is always one step ahead of competitors.

We developed distinctive skills in the definition and implementation of structured processes and methods in the most critical areas of insurance and banking Marketing & Sales:

  • Customer segmentation
  • Development and review of the product range
  • Redefinition of the pricing system
  • Review of the multichannel distribution system
  • Implementation of sales stimulation programs

Why Excellence Consulting

For the main players in the banking and insurance sector, we have successfully developed projects for the launch of new products/services and of technological innovation, as well as processes and tools to support managerial decisions. Furthermore, we have supported our customers in the creation of integrated offices and management dashboards, dedicated to the evaluation of the elements that impact on marketing and business strategies: market benchmarks, competitors, innovative products, distribution models and regulatory developments.

Organization and Human Resources

In a constantly evolving context, Excellence supports customers to reduce the difficulties related to change and to redefine the organizational structures.

Thanks to our consolidated skills in the design of organizational solutions and in the administration of HR Management strategies, we help our customers to obtain efficient organizational structures, characterized by dimensioning coherent with core activities and by the allocation of the most appropriate resources for each role required.

Why Excellence Consulting

By collaborating with the best players in the banking and insurance world, we have successfully implemented initiatives to improve corporate organizations including skill assessment studies, aimed at increasing the level of performance of resources through the mapping and development of skills. We also conducted complex dimensioning analyses and defined HR Management strategies.

Value creation

Excellence assists its customers in defining and implementing processes and tools for corporate governance and decision support.

Predicting events and anticipating competitors in the current market context is a challenge that requires information to support strategic choices (product and business strategies, investments, selection of target markets and customers, organizational restructuring) and operational decisions (review of incentive systems, identification of key performance indicators and implementation of new business control systems).

Why Excellence Consulting

We have a consolidated experience in the Banking, Asset Management and Insurance sectors in projects for the definition and implementation of systems for management control, business intelligence models, management reporting and budgeting, analytical and industrial accounting, passive cycle and cost management, strategic planning and evaluation of business value.

Change Management

Excellence supports its customers to guide the processes of innovation and evolution of professional skills, to improve the ability to excel in the markets.

In a market context that is increasingly characterized by rapid innovation, the ability of companies to enrich the professionalism within their organization and to attract young talents becomes a strategic variable in which to invest significantly with high-level training courses.

Similarly, it is important to understand the most effective ways to introduce and manage internal change, in order to take advantage of innovation opportunities.

Why Excellence Consulting

Thanks to the experience and skills gained, we collaborated in several projects for the definition of training strategies, initiatives and action plans for the development and updating of technical and relational skills, achieving excellent results in terms of enhancement of human capital, improvement of performance, as well as of reputation towards the stakeholders of customers.

IT strategy and administration

Excellence supports its customers in achieving an effective IT Strategy and Governance policy, which allows them to monitor and seize the opportunities resulting from technological leverage for the benefit of the business.

An effective IT corporate governance must focus on value creation, risk management and balancing of available resources, aligning planning, execution and monitoring of IT activities to economic, process and customer service needs.

Why Excellence Consulting

Through the analysis of the management peculiarities in the IT field, together with the “tailor-made” declination of the main international best practices, we contributed to the definition of technological architectures and IT management strategies in collaboration with the business, focusing on optimization of operational performance and of service level, ensuring an effective change management.

Project management

Excellence coordinates IT and organizational change projects with high complexity, to ensure their implementation in compliance with costs and execution times.

Optimized management in terms of effectiveness and efficiency of relevant projects is a crucial factor for companies that want to keep up with market expectations and with the economic conditions created by the current global competitive context.

Why Excellence Consulting

We have developed strong experience in Project Management of large and complex projects in banking and insurance, handling all critical issues for projects success:

  • Project planning and capacity planning
  • Activity status monitoring
  • Management and resolution of issues and escalation process activation
  • Coordination of communication among different Project structures.

Strategic Consulting SME

We offer assistance to entrepreneurs and managers to accelerate growth and improve the profitability of their businesses. We support change and reorganization paths by defining operational plans, organizational reviews, drafting action plans with objectives to be pursued. We prepare and support the company to open capital to third parties.

  • Corporate Strategy and Industrial Plans
    • Definition of strategic, developmental and economic-financial objectives
    • Assessment of business portfolio value maximization objectives
    • Analysis of the competitive environment and business model
  • Operational improvement and efficiency
    • Business processes assessment
    • Redesign and optimization of value creation processes
    • Definition and implementation of monitoring and control systems
  • Corporate Governance
    • Strategic Consulting and search for financial investors and/or industrial partners, including in the context of generational transitions, capital opening transactions and capital strengthening
    • Identification of viable options from a generational transition perspective
    • Support in capital opening operations to managers and third parties.

Why Excellence Consulting

Because we use a differential approach with cutting-edge ideas and solutions that enable us to promote new, game-changing initiatives for our clients.

Because we work together with business managers by developing their skills and speed of execution on the issues of greatest interest: business growth, reducing costs and time spent, improvement of margins and introduction of reward systems.


Because we invest our resources in the diagnostic and feasibility phases, which precede the intervention, and operate as “tailors who can sew tailored suits” with more cost-effective investments for the company.

SME Internationalization

Our teams, organized with Italian and foreign professionals, rely on significant skills and knowledge gained in domestic and international market contexts.

With our own site in China and a well-established partnership in India, we carry out market analyses, identify target countries for business development and possible foreign partnerships, as well as offer assistance in decision-making processes, on internationalization financing and business negotiations. We assist in the establishment of new foreign subsidiaries at the organizational, process and governance level.

  • International Development
    • Market research and feasibility studies
    • Entry Strategy with markets and competitor assessment
    • Industrial and commercial business plan development
    • Assistance in internationalization financing negotiations
    • Business incorporation
  • Networking and alliances
    • Research of commercial and industrial partners
    • Support in development networks in the target region
    • Search for retail spaces and implementation of stores
    • Assistance in negotiations with public and private companies.
  • Networking and alliances

Reorganization of foreign branches (new organization criteria, processes, governance).

Strategic and management support for complex operations.

Why Excellence Consulting

Because our consultants have gained real industrial and commercial experience on the field, in all the regions in which we operate: USA, China and India.

Because our local partners are trusted and our networks, both private and institutional, are reliable and competent.

Because in addition to building your specific business plan, we are a ready to accompany you step by step in putting it into practice with passion and dedication until the established goals are achieved.

M&A Advisory

We are a leading M&A transaction advisory firm. We support Private Equity players, institutional investors and companies in transaction management and throughout the investment cycle. We combine our in-depth knowledge of different industries with advanced due diligence skills with the goal of generating value.

Why Excellence Consulting

Our consultants have carried out numerous value creation projects in different industries and are able to identify the levers to be used to extract value quickly.

To this end, we preside over these operations both at the Business Due Diligence stage, supporting counterparties, and subsequently implementing and monitoring individual value-creating activities with a pragmatic, results-oriented approach.

Join Excellence Team

Excellence works with the most important companies and those in great expansion, and puts its established skills at the service of major projects with highly strategic connotations.

We know how to get to the solution of every problem through projects studied in detail, in which the person always comes first. Joining Excellence means having the certainty of working for a company that will always invest in you and will never fail to provide you with the support you need to pave your professional path.

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SOCIAL SA8000 Social Responsability

The SA (Social Accountability) 8000 standard was issued by the American organization SAI (Social Accountability International) and is applicable internationally in any product sector.

The standard contains requirements for the “socially responsible” behavior of an organization in various areas: from child labor to prevention for the health and safety of workers; from freedom of association and bargaining, to discrimination; from disciplinary procedures, to working hours and pay.

GOVERNANCE ISO37001 Anti-corruption

The ISO 37001 anti-corruption management system identifies a management standard to help organizations fight against corruption by establishing a culture of integrity, transparency and compliance. The standard can provide an important aid in the implementation of effective measures to prevent and deal with corruption phenomena.

Quality ISO9001 Quality Management System

The acronym ISO 9000 identifies a series of regulations and guidelines developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) which define the requirements for the implementation within an organization of a quality management system, in order to lead business processes, improve effectiveness and efficiency in product creation and service delivery, obtain and increase customer satisfaction.


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