Digital Transformation


Excellence Innovation is the Agile Fintech of the Excellence Group.

Since 2014 we have been providing digital solutions that effectively respond to the business and operational challenges typical of the Wealth Management sector.

We develop Software Solutions that combine our specialized skills in Finance, Design and Software Development, putting the end user at its center, from the concept phase to the realization of the finished product.

Thanks to our specialization, we have the opportunity to come up with, define in detail and create Web and Mobile applications for the largest Italian customers in the sector, often in areas not touched by digital innovation yet.

Our products bring innovation and support the digitalization of areas and processes, including Customer Relationship Management, Productivity and Operations, Management and Operational Intelligence.

Meet our leader

  • Stefano Spalletta

  • Michele Celeghini

    General Manager & Co-Founder

Excellence Innovation services

Research and Digital Benchmark

In order to create valuable solutions with time-to-market fit to the objectives and protect their relevance over time, it is essential to understand the needs and context, and also have a deep understanding of the present technological and innovation landscape, current and potential trends.

Starting from a more or less defined business need, we help to understand the potential of a possible digital solution according to current trends, validating and deepening the market opportunities as much as possible.

We then assess the technology opportunities available in terms of existing services and products (synergies) or in terms of implementation (technology stacks, providers, and development logics), helping define a business case focused on a strategic product or service vision with measurable elements, already from early stages.

Why Excellence Innovation

Strategic benchmarking research is one of the most important tools for developing a detailed understanding of a product or service’s path to success, setting a true implementation and evolutionary strategy and defining measurable metrics.

A digital product or service, however, must be thought out and implemented from the beginning, by combining together deep expertise in its three key aspects – Business, Design and Technology – to derive a design and implementation strategy that is aligned with objectives, effective for those who have to use it, sustainable from an implementation perspective and with a clear roadmap for measuring the outcome. Excellence Innovation has in-house vertical expertise, developed on concrete projects and refined over time on ever-changing challenges, in each of these aspects, and is therefore a valuable partner from the ideation stage.


Customer Experience Design & Optimization

We support our clients in conceiving, designing, and implementing digital services, experiences, and products by combining various people-centered Design practices and in-depth market analysis.

And when clients have already adopted processes and tools for internal or customer-facing use, we help identify areas of opportunity and improvement in their typical business processes.

Through the right methodologies, we help our clients increase productivity and operational efficiency, in terms of reducing the time and cost of specific activities and create tools that are easier to understand and use, reducing training and support costs and enabling accessibility to more types of users.

We use certified, market-leading approaches to build services, experiences, and tools that bring value to our customers.

We adopt a Lean design approach based on the practices of Human Centered Design, a design methodology that places human needs at its center.

Why Excellence Innovation

We’re «UX Certified» from Nielsen Norman Group, with focus on Interaction Design and applications User Testing.

Our success is measured by how well we meet the needs of our target users-not seeing them as mere end users, but as key partners in our design journey.

Product Design & Development

Innovation focuses the design and evolution of a product on the user.

Through adaptive processes, behavioral analytics, and performance monitoring, we can imagine, build, and measure effective experiences for the users of today and tomorrow. We deliver results for companies and their customers by building more effective products over time, constantly improved through a long-term analytics strategy.

Our process is focused on understanding users’ habits, and how the product can fit into their lives and bring value. Having understood these aspects, we design and engineer the product through the use cases that have arisen through user testing, and then study the technical architectures that can guide and support implementation in both the short and long term.

We adopt a Lean design approach based on the practices of Human Centered Design, a design methodology that places human needs at its center.

Why Excellence Innovation

Our design approach enables us to create and accelerate the delivery of quality products and experiences. Our UX Design, Product Design and Product Development teams test products in advance and validate them with real users to ensure output aligns with stakeholder goals and is constantly measurable.

“As a service” solutions

Our SaaS solutions are platforms already adopted by some of the leading banks in the financial world and they are born thanks to decades of experience and the work of a multidisciplinary Business + Design + Development team with an Agile approach.

The SaaS service allows the customer to delegate the management of the solution on his behalf to the external provider. As a matter of fact, the customer uses the application in a simple way, by accessing via credentials, delegating to us aspects such as infrastructure and software maintenance, support and security.

In particular, the areas of intervention of our platforms include:

  • Customer Relationship Management: we have created CRM systems that support the consultant’s commercial proactivity, also supporting him in the preparation and development of commercial meetings with customers.
  • Productivity and Operations: in particular, Management Work-flow of the life cycle of credit practices, Suite to support the recruitment of Financial Advisors and Spending & Saving Advisory Tools for savings projects and credit solutions.
  • Information and Product Suite: multichannel Suite dedicated to the Consultant with every info-commercial aspect of financial products and a Banking Portal of non-financial services for Corporate customers with interactive profiling.
  • Management and Operational Intelligence: Business Intelligence Managerial Dashboard that relates the potential of the territory with the company KPIs and Clustering and efficiency of the supports to the commercial network through machine learning systems.

Why Excellence Innovation

Because our products are not born from a generic need, but from direct experience in the financial world and are the result of decades of expertise in the field, in design synergy with Group companies. The multidisciplinary, integrated design approach from the very beginning actively contributes to the value chain for the client, minimizing design and implementation time, and maximizing added value in all the solutions we implement.

Territory-based analytical Geomarketing services

Through data reprocessing, data visualization and specialized reporting activities, we provide our clients with a comprehensive view of key business management data by linking them with specific aspects related to the Italian territory. This data enables them to make strategic decisions, stimulate changes, direct investments, eliminate inefficiencies and discover new market opportunities.

In particular, some examples of interventions are:

  • Monitoring performance of internal divisions of Banks, to identify the presence of particular areas of development at the territorial level.
  • Monitoring performance of sales of financial products sold by bank consultants at territorial level.

Why Excellence Innovation

Our data analytics expertise allows our clients to answer questions about their company’s progress and performance and determine the strategic actions needed to achieve their goals. Thanks to a collaborative relationship with the client, we first identify needs, KPIs and business objectives, pivotal points around which our analysis process and report production revolve.

Join Excellence Team

Excellence works with the most important companies and those in great expansion, and puts its established skills at the service of major projects with highly strategic connotations.

We know how to get to the solution of every problem through projects studied in detail, in which the person always comes first. Joining Excellence means having the certainty of working for a company that will always invest in you and will never fail to provide you with the support you need to pave your professional path.

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